Ha Phong restaurant
Ha Phong restaurant
Bac Ninh land is considered to be the cradle of Kinh Bac culture with the ancient village, the unique folk festivals and special unique quan ho folk songs.
Cuisine here is also carrying the unique cultural values ​​of the land "Land - Ghost - Human - Jay" Kinh Bac porcelain. Restaurants Ha Phong has long been crowded diners Bac Ninh known as a prestigious culinary address and quality.
Located in the center of the city of Bac Ninh, No. 152 axis Nguyen Cao unique architecture with traditional alternating between modern luxury pop up beauty, majestic in an ecological space 4000 m2 grounds wide parking, good security and convenience.

The restaurant serves fresh seafood dishes and traditional dishes. With a team of experienced professional chefs, prepared from the freshest ingredients at the most reasonable cost.

You will be satisfied by the perfect combination between luxury impressive space with great food mixed the folk songs of their smooth, deep bold Kinh Bac cultural

Ha Phong is an ideal destination of the successful entrepreneur or a cozy family meal after a day of work stress.

In addition to the VIP dining room, Ha Phong is a luxurious large hall, modern theater with 400 seats, specializing in event wedding, bufet parties, seminars, company parties ...

With a team of professional staff kitchen and the same criteria "Top quality - Hygiene absolute and perfect service."

We will definitely bring joy and satisfaction to every customers!

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